Hi there!

I'm passionate about creating intuitive solutions for real-world problems. I believe good design makes all the difference in a product experience - and in the lives of those who touch it.


CRM Data Visualization Web App
User Research to improve Hilti's CRM systems
Christmas Card Project
MHCI Capstone Project with Eaton
T-Shirt Design for my 2016 Family Reunion
Bloom Ipad Magazine
Chance Dating App
Tornado Data Visualization Project
Structural Engineering Design Software

About Me

With a background in human-computer interaction, design, and computer science, I like the challenge of meeting the needs of real people through the power of technology. My goal is creating great experiences, and leaving problemspaces smaller than I found them. When I am not designing, I am playing outdoors, doodling, or thinking about tacos.

Questions, opportunities, or want to say hi? Contact me, I'd love to chat.