Bloom iPad Magazine

An interactive gardening magazine for kids and their parents with a good dose of botany. Let's learn about plants!


My Role

UI/Interaction Designer


Competitive Analysis






Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator


Oct 2013 - Dec 2013


I've noticed kids and parents don't spend enough quality time outdoors, yet seem to occasionally spend time together on an iPad. I investigated this further with a competitive analysis and discovered that there are no magazines that focus on gardening and plants for kids. So, to help reconnect families with nature, I designed a concept iPad magazine for young children and their parents to introduce and expose them to gardening and plant life. I wanted to engage both adults and children in a way that taught everyone something new, and inspires an interest in plants and to go outdoors together.


The concept issue of the magazine was all about cacti and succulents - a low-care plantgroup I thought would be a great intro for kids to plant life. I aimed to use the unique swipe and tap features of iPad technology to make the whole experience more interactive than traditional magazines.

Process Work

I wanted a fun and child-friendly feel, so I made a moodboard from my research clippings.

I crafted a design language from the fun and childish elements in my moodboard.

I designed personas to guide and focus my designs.

I drew out over several iterations the magazine's flow and layout.

You can see the sources for the magazine here.

About Me

With a background in human-computer interaction, design, and computer science, I like the challenge of meeting the needs of real people through the power of technology. My goal is creating great experiences, and leaving problemspaces smaller than I found them. When I am not designing, I am playing outdoors, doodling, or thinking about tacos.

Questions, opportunities, or want to say hi? Contact me, I'd love to chat.